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Oster Blender Gasket

Oster blender Gasket 3 pack, this is an 3 pack that you can use to get your Oster blender back to like new again.

5 Cup Square Top 6 Piece Complete Glass Jar Replacement Set, Fits Oster Blender

5 Cup Square Top 6

By Brentwood


Stainless Steel Blade 4961 With One Gasket Sealing Ring

Genuine Oster Blender Stainless Steel

By Oster/Osterizer


Blade & Bottom Base & Sealing Rubber Gasket O Ring, Compatible wit Oster Blender

Blade & Bottom Base &

By Blenpar


Bottom Jar Base Cap & Gasket Replacement Part,Compatible with Oster Blender,4902

Bottom Jar Base Cap &

By Blenpar


Ice Crushing Blade & Sealing Gasket,Compatible with Oster Blender,ALL METAL 4961

Osterizer Blender Gasket

This is a replacement compatible Oster blender blade Gasket for the plastic lid of an osterizer blender, it is produced of plastic and makes it easier to open. This Gasket also keeps the blade from rotating and making it difficult to chop vegetables, our genuine Oster blender blade and jar base cap with sealing ring Gasket is an unequaled substitute to keep your blender running smoothly and looks great! This cap is black and measures 3. 9" wide by 2, 7" wide by 1. 3" wide, it is produced of durable materials and is sure to protect your blender. This is an 2 pack blender replacement rubber Gasket o ring seal compatible with Oster new model, it is for the blender without the spawning volume. This is a seller's replacement part for the Oster blender, it is compatible with the blender and needs to be inserted into the bowl to work. The Gasket seals the blade in and prevents it from unintended movement.