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Oyster Blender

We carry the complete glass jar range from oster, for either your blender or your own kitchenette. Made of sturdy materials, these jar sets provide your blender with the occasional smoothie or coffee, or with needed jars for its many pots and cups. Priced right at ouroyster blender and kitchenette sets are a great value for your kitchen, and we've got a wide selection of each!

5 Cup Square Complete Glass Jar Replacement Set for Oster Blender
Blend N Cycle Model 668 Chrome Power Base Only Base

Osterizer Blender Blend n Cycle

By Oyster MFG.CO




By Speed


Oyster By French General For Moda Bthy 1/2 Yard
Oyster Priced Per ½ Yard

Timeless Treasures Tonga B7900 Java

By Timeless Treasures Fabric


100% Quilting Cotton  8945

Soothing Swirl Whimsy Basics Henry

By Henry Glass & Co.


Oyster 12 speed blender, 6 cup dishwasher safe, never opened

Cheap Oyster Blender

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Best Oyster Blender

This oyster blender is in perfect working order and has all the features of the entire 14 blender line. It's a great addition to your kitchen. the oster duralast classic blender motor base only gray is a great way to get your blender on. This blender is made of durable materials that will last long periods of time. It has a gray color that will be easy to find for people who like to buy things. This blender is a good choice for people who want a blender that is easy to use and looks good. this is a great blender for those that love oysters! It has a smooth gradient color blower design that they can enjoy. The metal motor base is also great for smoothness and performance. this is a cream or jasmine tea inspired oyster blender that needs a different bowl for the lower gear. The bowl is from the original bowl and has the standard oyster sauceware. The blender also has a new pitcher jar base from this same material. This will make your oyster saucemaking a bit easier.