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Protein Blender Bottle Electric

Our Protein blender is a top-of-the-line tool for crafting delicious, smoothie-like drinks, this Electric model gives oz. Of deliciousness to br out from your cup, plus, the detachable mixing blender makes it facile to make just one drink, or a trio of them.

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New Gym Bro Mixer Electric Protein Shaker Bottle Drink Mixing Cup

New Gym Bro Mixer Electric

By Gym Bro Blender



450ml Electric Protein Shaker Cup

By Unbranded/Generic


Protein Blender Bottle Electric Ebay

This Protein blender Bottle is an unequaled tool for blending your proteins, this blender peerless for enthusiasts who are hunting for shopping list or making quick and basic haircare for the hammer-ing in your gym. The vortex mixer cup imparts a modern design that makes it straightforward to hold and swirling motions, the cup also renders a timer that lets you set the blender to operate automatically. The blade is of high quality stainless steel and is safe for large containers, the Protein blender Bottle presents a left and right blade, a spinner blade and a chopper blade. The Bottle renders a capacity of 600 ml and is produced of safe material, this Protein blender Bottle is dandy for home-made Protein drinks, smoothies, weight loss drinks or just making linear smoothies. The Protein blender Bottle Electric blender is a comfortable, safe new product for your brewery, this blender is unequaled for brewers who yearn to make Protein drinks or smoothies. Made of durable materials, the Protein blender Bottle is exquisite for busy breweries who need to make a lot of Protein drinks or smoothies, the blender as well effortless to clean and is superb for on-campus drinking. This vegan proteino-infused Bottle of drink renders a delicious, delicious shake mixer in the top part of the Bottle and a blender in the bottom part, the blender imparts a v100 speed and the shake mixer renders a v50 speed. The Bottle also renders a capacity of 450 ml and it is electric, this proteino-infused Bottle of drink is sensational for enthusiasts who are scouring for a durable and easy-to-use blender. This Protein blender Bottle is a first rate alternative to make shakes and smoothies at the same time, it presents a blender style handle and can be easily kept on top of your blender while blending. The blender Bottle also comes with a Protein shaker which is top-of-the-line for making smoothies or shakes.