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Vitamix Prep Blender Pitcher

This vita-prep blender 64 oz. Is perfect for making smoothies, smoothies with vegetables, or just blender smoothies. It comes with a container, which makes it perfect for making healthy and time-saving smoothies. It is also a great tool for making vitamix smoothies.

Vitamix Prep Blender Pitcher Target

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Vitamix Prep Blender Pitcher Ebay

This 64 oz. Container pitcher jar for vitamix vita-prep blender classic is a great way to keep your blender running smoothly and looks great! It comes with a jar of your choice for blending your own products. this vita-prep blender is a great choice for those looking for a blender that can blend a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The blender comes with a container pitcher and it can be used for cooking or blending. this vitamix commercial vita-prep pitcher has the new tritan container for repairparts. It is a great addition to your vita-prep arsenal. this vita-prep pitcher has a tough, weather-resistant design. It is made of tough plastic and is topped with a tri-tang container for easy storage. The v-shaped top has two fine mesh arms, which help to control the drink. The pitcher also comes with a spout for low-ingestion and a serrated bit for misery-free service.